Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jesús María

Today was my last day of "teaching" at Jesús María Elementary School. I was with the third grade. They have been the worst group overall--there is no way to control them, and today was no different. It's ironic because they're so sweet and interested, but at the same time they just can't stop talking or focus for more than a minute. It was a frustrating last day but before I left they all mobbed me and gave me hugs, which made up for it.

Since chocolate chip cookies are super American, and since all the Spanish people who have tried them have loved them, I decided to make some for my students.  So--tonight from 7 pm to midnight I made three batches of chocolate chip cookies, and ended up with almost 400 cookies. There are around 300 students.  I'll bring them the cookies tomorrow morning and the rest I'll share with Antonio, María, and the kids, and with my Spanish friends :)

Being done at Jesús María is, like most endings, bittersweet.  I enjoyed going there more than I expected and found out that I might actually enjoy teaching. However, going there took a lot of time, and I need that time now in the three weeks before finals. 

I am glad to have had this experience, and I will miss riding my bike there and feeling the uncontainable energy that only children have.

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